Meet Randy!
Our August "Main Street Main Squeeze"

Randy has been coming to Main Street Station for quite a few years. More recently we've noticed just how much we see him, how much he gets involved with our community, and how much love he shows our place and the causes we support. He's a local rider who, during the week, maintains around 60 pools in the local area to fuel his two wheel habit. Randy has created a group of riders that get together just for fun every month. He's a rider through and through and doesn't even own a car! His energy is immediately felt as soon as he walks on the property and those who know him have a hard time not instantly loving his great spirit. We wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to Randy for all that he does and all that he is. People like you make us love coming to "work". 

Meandering Motorheads of Main Street

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Fun riding group, where all are welcome...grabbing a bite with a few stops along the way. We always end at our home base, of Main Street Station, but please always check if changes have had to be made.
*We respectfully ask no colors for our fun rides. We are a riding group and not a MC. Hope to see you there! :)

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Upcoming Events

August 19th -

Prelude to the Annual Freedom 100 Ride

December 16th

2nd Annual Freedom 100 Ride

The goal is to have 100 bikes with an American flag flying on each bike. This ride is $10.00/per bike. No extra charge for passenger.

This ride is to honor a local veteran in need or veterans home in Daytona. We will present this veteran or veterans organization $2,500 if needed and of course depending on money raised.

Anything exceeding that amount will go to the annual "Future Riders of America" Main Street Station bikes for kids Christmas fund.

The honorable Veteran chosen can be male or female, however, they must be honorably discharged.

All of the $10 registration fees go straight to the cause. Randy T, the organizer of this event does not keep 1 dime of this money.

Our brother Wayne D. from DeBarry will do the blessing of the bikes and music will be provided by Skin Deep.


September Main Street Main Squeeze
If you'd like to nominate a local patron for September's "Main Street Main Squeeze" email us at and tell us who you think should be recognized next!